Listen My Christmas Dream

My Christmas Dream is new christmas music for symphonic band /concert band. The piece is commissioned by Helsinki Police Band & Sami Ruusuvuori. Find sheet music here.

Helsinki Police Band (conducted by Sami Ruusuvuori) performed Ilari Hylkilä's My Christmas Dream in the Old Old Church in the City of Helsinki on 8th December 2016. My Christmas Dream was performed as celebrations of the Day of Finnish Music.


From the beginning band to advanced ensembles, Ilari Hylkilä's band publications include 21 titles for wind band and marching band. Most of them you find here.

NEW - Wonderworld - Grade 4.5

NEW - Waltz for concert band - Grade 3

NEW - Zembaloo - Grade 2.5

Publisher: C. Alan Publications

In the WonderWorld orchestra takes a trip to mysterious and colorful world of circus and fairground.

Download PDF Score Sample

Waltz is melodic slow piece for concert band. Created for concerts and ceremonies.


For young taste - new piece for concert band.

NEW - Metalfare - Grade 4.5

NEW - Old Jolly Roger - Grade 1

NEW - Tervetuloa Grade 0.5


The first prize winner in the Helsinki University Symphony Orchestra's Fanfare Competition to celebrate its 85th Anniversary.

Old Jolly Roger

Captain Hook´s legendary ship, Jolly Roger, goes for a trip one more time. The composition is made for young band (grade 1). There are also additional parts for very beginners (grade 0).


Tervetuloa is new composition for a beginning band. Everyone can play and sing.

Nimia - Grade 4

Heritage - Grade 3.5

Force - Grade 3.5

Nimia for Concert Band
New melodic music for concert band. The piece consist of two parts. Duration: 6 minutes. 

Heritage for Marching Band

For young taste - new piece for marching band.

Force for Concert Band

Katruskha - Grade 3.5

Tristesse - Grade 3.5

Dance of Giants - Grade 4

Tristesse for Concert Band
Dance of Giants for Concert Band

Sankar - Grade 3.5

Hero Tale - Grade 3.5

Honor March - Grade 3.5

Sankar for Marching Band
The opening piece for the Finnish figure marching performance at Basel Tattoo 2012 shows.
Hero Tale for Marching Band
Winner of Linnan Juhlat march composition contest.
Honor March for Marching Band
Winner of Sotapojan Taivas march composition contest.

Soloflute - Grade 4 / Band Grade 2.5

Sinia - Grade 3

The Zest - Grade 3

Cinclus Arctica for Solo Flute and Concert Band
Sinia for Concert Band & Solo Trumpet
The Zest for Concert Band
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
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Unknown Legend - Grade 3

Return to the Indian Valley - Grade 2.5

Reflection of Destiny - Grade 3.5

Unknown Legend for Concert Band
Publisher: SPOL Kustannus
Audience's favorite in Suut Messingillä composition contest.
Return to Indian Valley
Publisher: Blosari
Reflection of Destiny for Concert Band
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
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