BIOGRAPHY - Composer Ilari Hylkilä

Finnish composer Ilari Hylkilä was born in Toholampi in the province of Western Finland.Although his parents were not trained musicians, music was an important part of the household and two of Hylkilä children have pursued music careers.

began playing piano at the age of five and began composing melodies and rudimentary works at age six. At the age of fourteen he began trombone studies at Ostrobothnian Conservatory and joined Toholampi’s wind band. He graduated high school (Toholammin lukio) in 1997 and began his military service immediately after. For eight months of his service he was a trombone player in the Kainuu Military Band.

Following his military service
Hylkilä enrolled at the University of Jyväskylä. He played trombone in the University’s Orchestra. It was this ensemble that gave the first public performance of his music, a piece called Missing a Lost Friend, in 1999. The orchestra would eventually perform three more of his works. Hylkilä graduated in 2004 with the Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and a minor in Music. He has continued his music studies among others at the Sibelius Academy Open University.

Hylkila's catalog includes 23 works for wind band, 12 for orchestra, and numerous pieces for chamber ensemble. He has won prizes in six composition competitions and has been a finalist for several others. Hylkilä's music has been performed in many concerts and festivals in Europe (among others Basel Tattoo 2012, Avenches Tattoo 2014, Hamina Tattoo 2006, 2012 & 2014, Helsinki Mini-Tattoo 2012 & 2014) as well as in China and USA.

Hylkilä was chosen as the composer of the year for Ruskatrööttä festival 2014. For that fetival he composed five new concert band pieces. Hylkilä's music has been performed or recorded by Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, Tapiola Sinfonietta, the University of Helsinki Symphony Orchestra, the Guards Band, the Dragoon Band, the Navy Band and the Conscript Band of the Finnish Defense Forces and many other ensembles.

Hylkilä currently resides in Espoo, Finland.


  • Metalfare
    First prize in Helsinki University Symphony Orchestra's (YS, Ylioppilaskunnan Soittajat) 85th anniversary fanfare composition contest in 2011.
  • In the Midsummer Night's Mist (Kesäyön usvassa)
    First pzize (shared) in Laulujen Loiskeet folk song writing competition in 2010
  • Sine
    Third prize in in the Ringtone & Concert Competition held in Cracow in 2010
  • Hero Story (Sankaritarina)
    The first prize in march composition competition Sotapojan Taivas in 2008
  • Unknown Legend
    Audience’s favourite song in a wind band composition competition called “Suut messingillä” in 2005
  • Honor March (Kunniamarssi)
    The first prize in march composition competition Sotapojan Taivas in 2004

Works for Symphony Orchestra or Sinfonietta

  • Dark (will be published in 2018)
  • Taiga (2016)
  • Waltz (2014-2017)
  • B(2017)
  • Zembaloo (2014-2017)
  • Saga (2011-2017)
  • Metalfare ( 2011)
  • Return to the Indian Valley (Paluu intiaanilaaksoon) ( 2002)
  • Metsän Salaisuus (2002)
  • Satu (2001)
  • Varjojen Tanssi (1999)
  • Missing a Lost Friend (1999)

Works for Wind Orchestra (Concert Band, Symphonic Band or Marching Band)

  • Saga (will be published in 2017 or 2018)
  • New composition for Symphonic Band (will be published in 2018)
  • My Christmas Dream (2016), was premiered in Mäntsälä, 7th December 2016
  • Into the Wind (2015), was premiered in Musiikkitalo (Helsinki) on 23rd November 2015
  • Wonderworld (2014), premiere in Ruskatrööttä, Lieksa, 5th October 2014
  • Waltz (2014), premiere in Ruskatrööttä, Lieksa, 5th October 2014
  • Zembaloo (2014), premiere in Ruskatrööttä, Lieksa, 5th October 2014
  • Old Jolly Roger (2013-2014), premiere in Ruskatrööttä, Lieksa, 5th October 2014
  • Heritage (2013-2014)
  • Metalfare (arrangend for wind band by Robert J. Ambrose)
  • Sankar for marching band (2012)
  • Nimia (2012)
  • Cinclus Arctica (2011)
  • Katruskha (2009)
  • Tristesse (2009)
  • Dance of Giants (2009)
  • Sinia (2009),
  • Sankaritarina - Hero Tale or Hero Story ( 2008) New version in 2015
  • The Zest (2007)
  • Unknown Legend (2005), publisher: SPOL-kustannus
  • Honor March (Kunniamarssi) (2004)
  • Force (2003), publisher: Blosari Edition.
  • Reflection of Destiny (2003)
  • Return to Indian Valley (Paluu Intiaanilaaksoon), publisher: Blosari Edition.

Works for Big Band

  • Running Away from Impossible Space Spy Girls in Kokkola, was premiered in Kokkola in November 2016

Works for Piano and Soloist

  • Surulaulu, for violin and piano, the premiere in Krakow, October 2011
  • Cinclus Arctica for piano and solo flute, 2011

Works for soloists

  • Shade (for piano)
  • Solaine (for flute)
  • Katruskha (for flute)
  • Katruskha (for clarinet)

Works for chamber ensembles

  • Amor Vincit Omnia (Soprano, Piccolo, Oboe, Alto violin, Bass Clarinet, Percussions)
  • Katruskha (for wind quintet)
  • Katruksha (for clarinet quartet)

Vocal music

  • Amor Vincit Omnia (Soprano, Piccolo, Oboe, Alto violin, Bass Clarinet, Percussions)
  • Tangolaulaja (2013). One of the top 12 in Seinäjoki Tango Festival´s (Tangomarkkinat) tango composition competition.
  • Muistojen maa (soprano-alto-tenor-basso) (2012-2013)
  • New christmas carol for a mixed choir & accompaniment
  • Rikas Mies (lyrics by Piipa Kallio) (2011)
  • Kesäyön usvassa (2010)
  • Jouluna syntyy rakkaus (lyrics byAino Suhola) (2009)
  • Tähti on syttynyt yöhön (lyrics by Anna-Mari Kaskinen) (2007)
  • Jeesus syntyi pieneen talliin (lyrics by Anna-Mari Kaskinen) (2007)
  • Come Around to Me (200?)


  • Happy Birthday (soprano-alto-alto-bass)
  • Konstan Joululaulu (symphony orchestra & sinfonietta), composed by Konsta Jylhä
  • Hetkeksi en sulle rupia (male choir), composed by Lauri Tähkä


  • Sankar, Performed by the Guards Band, Pro patria - Suomi 100 vuotta ja Puolustusvoimat 100 vuotta -juhlalevy.
  • Sankar, performer Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces. recording: Basel Tattoo 2012 (Live)
  • Muistojen maa, performer Hymnos kvartetti. Recording: Karjala kaunis, kaivattu maa
  • Unknown Legend, performer: Tuulimyllyn Puhaltajat, recording: Tuulivoimaa
  • Kunniamarssi, performer: Panssarisoittokunta, recording: Parolan marssi
  • Varjojen Tanssi, performer: Jyväskylän yliopiston sinfoniaorkesteri, recording: T´an go
  • Tähti on syttynyt yöhön, performers: Annami Hylkilä & Mika Jämsä
  • Jeesus syntyi pieneen talliin, performers: Annami Hylkilä & Mika Jämsä

Third Prize (shared) The Ringtone & Concert Competition, Cracow, 2010 (Sine)