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Here you can explore and listen most of Ilari Hylkilä's music from recent years.

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C. Alan Publications has published following works for concert band: The Zest and Metalfare. You can also find Ilari Hylkilä's sheet music by visiting other webstores, among others J.W. Pepper at

For me composing is about searching for melodies and atmospheres that makes me excited. Every time I try create music that I would like to hear. If I don´t like a musical idea I let it be and continue exploring another ideas. I believe that when the music touches the composer it has the best chance to touch an audience and musicians."

Ilari Hylkilä, composer

Listen My Christmas Dream - New music for Symphonic Band


Ilari Hylkilä's website provides a large selection of wind band sheet music for sale. You can also find new sheet music for symphony orchestra, soloists and chamber ensembles.

Recommended Sheet Music

NEW - Wonderworld for marching band - grade 4,5

NEW - Zembaloo for concert band - grade 2.5

The best seller! - Hero Tale for Concert Band

NEW - Waltz for concert band - grade 3

For Full Band - Return to the Indian Valley

For Woondwind Quintet - Katruskha

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